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Our Science


Person wearing blue latex gloves holding a petridish

The key to better health & fitness is in your gut.

We are as much bacteria as we are human - trillions of microorganisms in and on our body, most residing in our gut. We have 100x more bacterial genes in our body as we do human genes. The microbial ecosystem, known as our microbiome, greatly affects our development, functionality, and health. Much of our microbiome is shaped by diet, environmental exposure, antibiotic consumption, geography, and physical activity.

We believe the road to fitness runs through the gut. That’s why we’ve decoded the biology of elite athletes to bring next-generation probiotics to the equation: helping activate what is already inside you to give you an edge when you’re at the edge of your limits.


Nella is the fruition of 5 years of cutting edge microbiome R&D— packaged into a single capsule.

Jonathan Schieman,
FitBiomics Founder & CEO

Decoding Elite Microbiomes



1. Lactate metabolism
2. Short chain fatty acids
3. Neurotransmitters

4. Amino acids
5. Immune/inflammation
6. Metabolism of carbohydrates, protein, & fat

Years of Science-Led Research

We developed our athlete microbiome technology at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, at Harvard. We are big believers in form fits function and taking a cue from natural selection - seeing what works in super performers to support their physiological demands and then applying those learnings to develop novel nutrition modalities.

The microbiome is the epicenter of health and wellness

Scientific References

It takes quite a lot of work to prove a cause-and-effect relationship between specific microbes and health or fitness. Here at Fitbiomics, we'd like to share and engage the public in the full process from hypothesis to discovery - ranging from sequencing athlete microbiomes to animal testing to human clinical trials. Unlike pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements and probiotics do not require double-blind placebo-controlled randomized clinical trials (DBPCRCT), but we'd like to see such evidence grow and see profits from products go to support continued research. Ideally, we want DBPCRCT on humans with an adequate study design to achieve statistical significance. As a startup, we push to evaluate our products for all safety, quality, and efficacy measures beyond what is mandated. This allows us to understand the metabolomics and human perceived benefits of our probiotics before launching, while continuing to pursue IRB-approved clinical trials.


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