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Revolutionizing Health From The Inside Out

Decoding elite microbiomes to optimize health for every body.

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The New Frontier of Probiotic Health

We’re not your average probiotics company; we’re breaking boundaries in the health and wellness industry. Our new probiotic, Nella by FitBiomics, is a daily gut health probiotic designed for women and men looking for support with increased deeper sleep , increased energy, and better digestion. The difference? It’s made with our patented next-generation Lactobacillus probiotic strains sourced from the guts of the healthiest people to set a new standard in how we understand and optimize health and wellness for every body.

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The Role of the Microbiome in Motivation to Exercise

So, what does this paper mean for you? This is the first paper that has really shown the close and vital relationship between the gut and the motivation to exercise. This is the first-time exercise is considered a behavior that the gut microbes can control.

How to Choose the Right Probiotic for You (In Just 4 Easy Steps) - Fitbiomics

How to Choose the Right Probiotic for You (In Just 4 Easy Steps)

Follow this step-by-step guide on choosing a probiotic to make sure you’re making the right decision!

3 Unique Ways Gut Health Increases Energy - Fitbiomics

3 Unique Ways Gut Health Increases Energy

Are you tired all the time? Constantly running on an empty tank? Feeling better may be found in the link between gut health and energy.

5 Extraordinary Benefits of Probiotics for Women - Fitbiomics

5 Extraordinary Benefits of Probiotics for Women

Here are 5 awesome benefits of probiotics for women, including preventing UTIs, getting rid of acne, and weight management.

Making Fatigue Obsolete



The World's First Lactic Acid Metabolizer!

After years of cutting-edge research, global press coverage, and translation, we are excited to bring a fatigue-fighting product to the world!

Veillonella atypica is a beneficial microbe that naturally converts lactic acid into energy to fight fatigue and promote endurance. We want to provide this game-changer in microbiome innovation to you!

Help us revolutionize the future of health by signing up for a chance to be part of PROJECT V.

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Nella Daily Probiotics

Identified and decoded from the microbiome (guts) of the fittest and healthiest people in the world.

Nella provides optimized Digestion, Sleep, and Energy.

Experience why everyone from general health seekers to Olympic champions love Nella!

Buy our probiotics online now, and consider our Nella probiotics subscription. Probiotics require consistent, daily use for sustained benefits. You can save and maintain Nella's benefits with a subscription.

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New FitBiomics Science

Our mission is to empower, educate, and elevate human potential, driving transformation from the inside out.

After years of cutting-edge research, we decoded the microbiome of some of the fittest people in the world to identify what drives optimal health and athletic performance.

We translated that information into "new to the world" performance probiotics that enhance everyday health.

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FitBiomics Phenotypes

Meet the team pushing the limits of athletic achievement. They share our passion for optimizing performance through gut health. And they help us push the limits in microbiome science to revolutionize health and longevity with next-gen probiotics.

My sleep was improved during this time, which led to better energy & practices. It proved to me that Nella is a great probiotic that can benefit anyone, not just athletes.

Krysta Palmer
world champion diver & olympic bronze medalist

Nella makes me feel great. I used to feel some drag from my body at the start of every season, but this year I feel amazing!

Tim Parker
Professional Soccer Player & MLS Captain

FITBIOMICS' probiotics are next-gen, cutting-edge tech that is made for everyone. Nella supports my overall gut health, and now I take it everywhere I go.

Adeline Gray
Six-Time World Champion Wrestler & Olympic Silver Medalist

As an ultra runner, my gut is almost always what limits my performance in long races. FITBIOMICS is addressing this in a way no one else has.

Kyle Pietari
Top 10 Ultra Marathon Runner

I love Nella probiotics. They've changed the way I feel when I go out for a long run. I simply no longer have my old GI irregularities, I sleep better, and feel healthier overall.

Angela Naeth
North American Ironman National Champion

Good digestion is vital to how my body feels every day and Nella has given me the extra digestive support I need to feel my best.

Michelle Carter
Shot Put Olympic Champion & World Record Holder

Learn More About Probiotics, Health & Wellness

Probiotics play a major impact on your overall wellness. Learn more about the importance of a healthy microbiome and how it can support the rest of your body.

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Read actual testimonials from happy, healthy verified purchasers. We are grateful for our customers and sharing how Nella has transformed their health. See for yourself the difference Nella has made!


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