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Generational Health

The New Frontier of Probiotic Health

We’re not your average probiotics company; we’re breaking boundaries in the health and wellness industry. Our new probiotic, Nella by FitBiomics, is a daily gut health probiotic designed for women and men looking for support with increasingly deeper sleep, more energy, and better digestion.

The difference? It’s made with our patented next-generation Lactobacillus probiotic strains sourced from the guts of the fittest & healthiest people in the world. We are setting a new standard in how we understand and optimize health and wellness for everybody.

Featured on National Geographic Explorer

New FitBiomics Science

Our mission is to empower, educate, and elevate human potential, driving transformation from the inside out.

After years of cutting-edge research, we decoded the microbiome of some of the fittest people in the world to identify what drives optimal health and athletic performance.

We translated that information into "new to the world" performance probiotics that enhance everyday health.


Recommended By Top Health Experts & Performers

Allison_Brager_348deca5-cf80-401a-891d-8319c9f27988 - Fitbiomics

FitBiomics is becoming the tip of the spear force in the human performance space using next-generation technology and performance nutrition science to help every human unleash their true potential.

Dr. Allison Brager
Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology
renowned sleep scientist, exercise physiologist, & Deputy Science Officer

For years, we've known that gut health was critical to overall health in the human body. However, we're now learning that a fit gut also drives a fit body as well, and Fitbiomics' research leads the field.

Dr. Mike Molloy
Ph.D. in Microbiology & Immunology
distinguished microbiologist and immunologist whose research focuses on the interplay between the gut microbiome & human health
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I won an Olympic medal while taking Nella. I noticed improvement in my sleep quality which led to better recovery and focus.

Krysta Palmer
WORLD CHAMPION DIVER & OLYMPIC MEDALIST 2-Time Olympian, 2020 Olympic Bronze Medalist


Probiotics play a major impact on your overall wellness. Learn more about the importance of a healthy microbiome and how it can support the rest of your body.


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