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Radically Reimagining Health

Biologically inspired to set a new standard in how we optimize our bodies. Spun out of Harvard Medical School, we're using biotech to understand and translate how our microbiomes promote health.

Our next-gen health innovations are clinically-proven to optimize gut health, sleep, fatigue, and endurance. And we’re just getting started. At FitBiomics, we’re addressing health at the core of wellness.

Health stacks

Pair Biotech’s Finest, Nella + V•Nella

  • Biologically inspired 
  • Scientifically created
  • Clinically validated 

Sourced from the finest microbiomes on earth to optimize your sleep cycle + wake cycle. Nella for gut + sleep health and V•Nella to fight fatigue and promote endurance.

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VNella Box stacked on top of a Nella box
Blue ceramic dish with NELLA capsules

Next-Gen Probiotics with 
Clinically-Validated Results

Not all Probiotics are created equally.

Others rely on outdated strains sourced from food, soil and, yes, baby poop ... We've decoded the biology of the world's healthiest people to create proprietary microbes with novel functional benefits.

Nella and V•Nella are rigorously tested for quality, safety, and efficacy to deliver holistic health benefits that YOU CAN FEEL.

Built by Science

Our leaders driving innovation.

Get to know all our experts
  • Dr. Jonathan Scheiman, PhD
    Dr. Jonathan Scheiman, PhD

    Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

    "I've always been excited by bridging pop-culture with cutting edge bioscience, to create innovations both tangible and transformative for society."

  • Dr. Alex Kostic, PHD
     Dr. Alex Kostic, PHD

    Co-Founder, Professor of Microbiology & Immunology, Harvard Medical School

    "FitBiomics' innovative approach of decoding the biology of the super-fit is a window into the future of medicine. Their discovery of Nella and Veillonella is re-writing exercise physiology and sets an unparalleled standard in the health industry."

  • Picture of George Church
    Dr. George Church, PhD

    Co-Founder, Professor of Genetics, Harvard Medical School

    "The progress of athlete-derived probiotics, from an idea and patent to a product today in the form of Veillonella at FitBiomics, breathes new vitality into the broader fields of microbiomes and preventative medicine."

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