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Our Mission

Empower. Educate. Elevate.
We are driving transformation from the inside out to maximize human potential.

Igniting a Movement

It all began with one question... How can decoding the microbiome of the fittest people in the world benefit the health and wellness of everyone?

This hypothesis—from a former collegiate basketball player who got his “Ph.D. as a back-up for not making it to the NBA”—was the inception of a research initiative that started in a lab at the Wyss Institute and led to groundbreaking discoveries and our next-gen probiotics.

We are unlocking human potential, bridging the gap between sports and science, bringing communities together, and inspiring the next generation of scientists.

We are inspired by the notion of “form fits function”— and thereby harnessing natural diversity in biology that drives optimal performance. Our goal is to translate biological codes into nutritional innovations that are led by science to promote holistic health through the gut. In other words, we aim to deeply understand greatness and use that understanding to up-level the masses.

Our team is committed to constantly challenging the status quo by using biotechnology as a force for good, for everyone, everywhere. We are on a journey to not only up the game, but fundamentally change the game! We want to empower everyone to be active, fit, and live their best life. And we are united in our vision of building a movement grounded in diversity, inclusion, and evolution.

Our Core Values


We are committed to continuously improving through ideas and perspective.


We have the courage to think differently and intelligently challenge the status quo.


We are hypothesis testers, pragmatic through iteration, and driven towards optimization.


We use our voices to educate on the new, the now, and next, making our ideas and technology accessible.

Our Team

WE ARE A TEAM of passionate scientists, athletes, storytellers, and health enthusiasts aiming to (r)evolutionize the way we understand and optimize our bodies.

WE BELIEVE in the power of sports and popular culture to inspire, motivate and ultimately bring communities together. We also believe in the power of the microbiome to drive holistic health and wellness.

WE ARE DECODING what is unique and enriched in the guts of elite athletes and high performers to bridge the gap between cutting-edge microbiome technology and consumer health.


Chief Executive Officer


Chief Innovation & Growth Officer


Vice President,
Athletics & Partnerships


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