Women's Wellness: Prioritizing Science & Efficacy in Microbiome Innovation

Women's Wellness: Prioritizing Science & Efficacy in Microbiome Innovation

As women, we find ourselves at the forefront of the wellness conversation, but are businesses truly valuing our well-being beyond the surface? Let's delve into the vital need for genuine scientific understanding and research dedicated to women's health.

The Historical Gap

As a woman immersed in this field, I know the staggering need to shift how science looks at the female body. Until 1993, women were largely excluded from clinical trials, leaving a significant gap in understanding their unique physiology. 

Today, this underrepresentation persists, leading to gender bias in medical diagnosis and healthcare quality. Delays in diagnosis and mis-diagnosis leads to women suffering with conditions for longer and sometimes result in life threatening outcomes. 

At FitBiomics, we prioritize inclusivity in our research, recognizing the critical importance of women's contributions. We are clinically validating benefits that are addressing health needs that disproportionately impact women.

Key Health Challenges for Women

  1. Digestive Health

    Women are disproportionately affected by gastrointestinal symptoms with hormonal fluctuations and anatomical differences playing significant roles. 75% of women experience GI symptoms compared to only 57% of men. Women are 2x more likely to have IBS and experience constipation 3x more often then men. 

    The gut microbiome, often dubbed the "second brain," plays a pivotal role in holistic health. Beyond digestion, it impacts immunity and mental well-being. As more research shows the correlation of the microbiome to overall healthspan, prioritizing gut health becomes paramount in combating these alarming statistics.

  2. Sleep Health

    Sleep is becoming a significant concern overall - with 1 in 3 adults reporting insomnia symptoms and, since covid, as many as 2 in 3 are having sleep issues. Despite needing more sleep than men, women are 40% more likely to suffer from insomnia. 

    Quality sleep is essential for cellular rejuvenation, immune support, and mental well-being. Your body needs sleep to detox toxins, repair and regrow muscles and tissue, as well as regulate your nervous system and hormone balance. A lack of sleep can have negative impacts on weight management, anxiety/depression, heart health, and lead to various chronic diseases.
  3. Immune Health

    While women have stronger immune responses, they are also more susceptible to autoimmune diseases. Women account for 78% of all people with an autoimmune condition and 4x greater risk developing an autoimmune disease.

    Impacting as many as 50 million people in the U.S., autoimmune disease is the 3rd most prevalent disease category and rising rapidly, particularly among adolescents and young adults.

  4. Mental Health

    Depression rates, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, are significantly higher in women, with 37% report experiencing depression in their lifetime compared to just over 20% of men. Women have a 1.5-3x greater risk of experiencing anxiety and depression compared to men. 

    Understanding the interplay of physiological and societal factors is crucial in addressing mental health challenges. Persistent mental health issues create added stress on the body and can impact physical health and wellbeing.

Small Steps to Big Benefits

Now is the time to rewrite the narrative of women's health by prioritizing science and inclusivity. By embracing science and evidence-based solutions, we empower ourselves to take control of our well-being.

One such powerful tool is Nella By FitBiomics—a unique probiotic backed by rigorous research and clinically validated benefits. Derived from the microbiomes of the healthiest individuals, Nella promotes gut health with antioxidant properties, enhancing resilience to stressors like inflammation.

With Nella, you can experience:

  • 37% Improvement in Digestion:

    Enhanced gut microbiome health supports better bowel movements and digestive comfort.

  • 69% Enhancement in Sleep Quality:

    Reduced oxidative stress leads to significant improvements in sleep quality.

  • 31% Boost in Energy:

    Improved testosterone to cortisol ratio naturally increases energy levels.

Join us in prioritizing holistic wellness, where every woman's voice and experience matters. Explore the possibilities with FitBiomics and embark on a journey towards holistic health that celebrates and supports the essence of womanhood. Together, let's thrive.

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