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Nella Gut Health Probiotic for Digestion, Sleep, and Energy

Daily next-gen probiotic capsule clinically validated to deliver improved sleep quality, energy, and digestion. Nella is made with FitBiomics patented Lactobacillus strains decoded and isolated from the microbiome of the fittest and healthiest people thriving in the modern world. Optimize your gut health for physical and mental well-being.

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Optimized Digestion

Improved Sleep Quality

More Energy

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Clinically Validated Benefits


Sleep quality

Nella reduces oxidative stress to support significant improvements in sleep quality, critical for the body’s ability to stay healthy. 



Nella improves the free testosterone to cortisol ratio, associated with recovery from physical strain, & provides a natural boost in energy.



Nella provides enhanced gut microbiome health & delivers improved bowel movements & digestive comfort.




Nella promotes gut flora with antioxidant properties that improve resilience to stressors like inflammation.

not all probiotics are
created (or sourced) equally

Decoded From Elite Adult Microbiomes

Most probiotics use strains that are decades old and sourced from food, soil, & baby poop. Nella is decoded & translated from our society's super performers.

"We identified the fittest & healthiest people in the world that represent the 0.01% of the human population in terms of optimal health and physiology. We decode their microbiomes and translate that biological information into next-generation health solutions for everybody." -Dr. Jonathan Scheiman, Founder & CEO

Nella Gut Health Probiotic for Digestion, Sleep, and Energy

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One capsule. Once a day. Every day.


Within A Few Days

With our delayed-release capsule, our probiotic strains will reach your gut intact and begin to populate your microbiome.

*Side effects like mild gas, bloating, or more frequent trips to the bathroom are most common at this time as Nella optimizes your microbiome and usually subsides within a week.


Within 2 Weeks

Your body will adjust to the consistent introduction of our exclusive probiotic strains - your digestion should become consistent, and your sleep may start to feel deeper.


Within 1 Month

Alongside a healthy diet and taking Nella regularly, you could begin to feel more energized, focused, and have better quality sleep. You should notice overall improved wellness.


After 3 Months+

Daily use for an extended amount of time will sustain the effects you feel with your sleep, energy, digestion, and recovery to empower your healthier lifestyle.

The #1 Choice For Health Enthusiasts & Top Performers

Helping me be my best self!

"Fitbiomics is at the forefront of the future of probiotics and gut health... This is the inevitable future."

Lia Neal
World Champion Swimmer & Olympic Medalist

Thank You @Fitbiomics

"Before Nella, I was facing some serious stomach issues. After taking Nella, I noticed that the issue was starting to dissipate. My sleep was improving also which led to better energy and practices in the pool. It proved to me that Nella is a great probiotic supplement that can benefit anyone, not just athletes."

Krysta Palmer
World Champion Diver & Olympic Medalist

This is a must try!

"I've been taking Nella for 4 weeks now. It's been working so well for me. If anyone knows, I've suffered from a lot of digestive and stomach issues. This product takes the digestive from an athlete's perspective but is just as great for the common person!"

Anthony Gilkes
Two-time Olympian, CEO of Healthy Aesthetics

A must for traveling

"Nella supports my overall gut health, and now I take it everywhere I go. It has been a life saver, especially for traveling!"

Adeline Gray
Six-Time World Champion, Olympic Medalist

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