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Making Fatigue Obsolete


The world's first potential lactic acid metabolizer is here!

After years of cutting edge research, global press coverage, and translation, we are excited to bring a fatigue fighting product to the world!

Veillonella atypica is a microbe that may convert lactic acid into energy to fight fatigue and promote endurance. We want to provide this game changer in microbiome innovation to you!

Help us revolutionize the future of health by signing up for a chance to be part of PROJECT V.

What is Project V?

A cutting edge, first of its kind research study to understand and quantify the benefits of Veillonella atypica supplements.

What’s in it for you?

We’re giving you early access to the investigational or placebo Lactic Acid Metabolizing Biomeceutical.

What do you have to do?

Take 1 capsule of Veillonella atypica daily for 4 weeks (28 days), answer a few questions, and then we share your results with you at the end of the study.

Extended due to popular demand!

Where it all began

Fitbiomics groundbreaking discovery of Veillonella atypica was the result of analyzing the microbiome of elite endurance athletes.

Discovered at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University, Veillonella atypica may have the ability to convert lactic acid, which is a byproduct of fatigue, into short-chain fatty acids, which provide energy to your body’s cells. Our findings were published in Nature Medicine, one of the most prestigious medical journals in the world.

"Meta-omics analysis of elite athletes identifies a performance-enhancing microbe that functions via lactate metabolism"

What the press is saying

  • "How the super-fit could hold the secret to better health for everyone"

  • "A Performance Enahncing Pill Based On The Gut Bacteria of Elite Athletes Is In The Works"

  • "The Secrets That Will Revolutionize Sports, Performance, Athletics"

  • "Could a Gut Bacteria Supplement Make Us Run Faster?"

  • "These Researchers Think Poop Could Unlock Athletic Supremacy. Are They Right?"

  • "Can This Bacteria In Your Gut Improve Your Running?"

  • "Elite Athletes' Gut Bacteria Give Rodent Runners a Boost"

  • "The Secret to Boosting Your Workout Might Be In Runners' Poop"

  • "Could A Microbe Boost Athletic Performance?"

  • "The Next Big Performance Enhancing Drug: Bacteria From Elite Athletes’ Guts?"

  • "Microbes From Marathoner Poop Boost Endurance in Mice"

  • "Discovery of performance-enhancing bacteria in the human microbiome"

Together Let's Make Fatigue Obsolete

As a science-based innovation company, we constantly want to learn more about how our innovations benefit diverse people. So we need your help on this journey! We are looking for diverse participants, ranging in age, gender, and lifestyle.

To qualify to be part of this research project, you must first apply by submitting the intake form. Those selected to participate in the study will be notified via email in the coming week. Everyone who applies will have exclusive discounts for Nella and early access to the official Veillonella atypica launch coming later in 2023.

Space is limited so don’t miss your chance to experience this breakthrough microbiome innovation!

What we need from you:

  1. Daily use of 1 capsule of Veillonella atypica or placebo for 28 consecutive days.

  2. Download app and completion of various surveys and questionnaires throughout the month

    • One Baseline Survey (10-15 minutes)

    • Daily Check Ins (<2 minutes)

    • Weekly check-ins (5-10 minutes)

    • Final close-out survey (10-15 minutes)

  3. OPTIONAL - Share additional health data from wearable devices - Apple watch, Garmin, Oura, WHOOP, etc.

What you will receive:

  1. Early access to Veillonella atypica, the worlds first Lactic Acid Metabolizing Biomeceutical.

  2. No cost personal results at the end of the research period to help you access your health data and benefits.

  3. Exclusive discount a subscription of our current product Nella Gut Health Probiotic for Digestion, Sleep, and Energy


See below for more answers about Project V. If you don't see your answer, send us an email at Our expert support team will be happy to help you!


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