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FitBiomics Signs Swimming Great Nathan Adrian as Spokesperson for Its Next-Gen Probiotic Nella

  • Adrian joins team of FitBiomics Athlete Ambassadors that includes Chris Mullin, Lia Neal, Adeline Gray, Krysta Palmer, Tim Parker, Kyle Pietari, Angela Naeth, Marcus Hatten, Peter Schmidt, CJ Albertson, Amanda Coker and Michelle Carter

NEW YORK--()--FitBiomics, Inc. announced today that it has signed swimming great Nathan Adrian to its roster of elite athlete ambassadors. Adrian is one of the premier sprint swimmers in the world and owns eight Olympic medals, including five Gold Medals. FitBiomics is a biotechnology company focused on decoding the microbiome of elite athletes in order to create next-gen probiotic products to improve human health and performance for every body. The company’s first product based on its platform technology is Nella, a daily supplement that is designed to support better digestive health, improve bowel movements and sleep.

“Nella is part of my daily routine and I have found that it has helped improve my digestive health which keeps me regular even when travelling internationally and, in turn, my sleep and overall health has improved.”

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“We are very pleased to add Nathan to our platform of next-gen health ambassadors,” said Jonathan Scheiman, Ph.D., CEO of FitBiomics. “Elite athletes represent the 0.01% of the human population in terms of elite performance and physiology. By studying their microbiome, like that of Nathan Adrian and others, we have been able to identify certain strains of bacteria that are unique or enriched in the gut of those high performance individuals. We have then been able to translate those discoveries into real world products, the first of which is Nella, a once-daily pill that can benefit anyone – not just an athlete.”

“I believe there are a number of elements that factor into performing at a high level, including good nutrition and digestion,” Adrian said. “Nella is part of my daily routine and I have found that it has helped improve my digestive health which keeps me regular even when travelling internationally and, in turn, my sleep and overall health has improved.”

Dr. Scheiman earned his undergraduate degree at St. John’s University where he was also a member of the school’s basketball team, received his Ph.D. in biomedical science from NYU and then accepted a research fellowship at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, at the Harvard Medical School. At Harvard, Dr. Scheiman worked on transformative sequencing technologies and programmable cellular engineering. His work at Harvard, under his mentor, Dr. George Church known as the father of modern genetics, helped decode the microbiome of some of the world’s top athletes for the first time.

“We are as much bacteria as we are human – with trillions of microorganisms in and on our body, most residing in our gut,” Dr. Scheiman explained. “We have 100x more bacterial genes in our body as we do human genes. This microbial ecosystem, known as our microbiome, greatly affects our development, functionality, and health. Much of our microbiome is shaped by diet, environmental exposure, antibiotic consumption, geography, and physical activity. Beyond aiding in digestion for better nutrient absorption and metabolism, a healthy gut can support energy and strength, prime our immune system and produce neurotransmitters to benefit brain function. Ultimately, our goal at FitBiomics is to fundamentally change how we understand and optimize our bodies – decoding/recoding health through microbiome innovations.”

Adrian and the other FitBiomics athletes will be working with the company to educate the community about the health benefits of products like Nella Gut Health Probiotic and why study of the microbiome will lead to additional health discoveries in the future.

Adrian joins FitBiomics Athlete Ambassadors: Chris Mullin (basketball Hall of Famer); Lia Neal (two-time Olympic champion swimmer), Adeline Gray (six-time world champion wrestler and Olympic medalist), Krysta Palmer (Bronze medalist Olympic diver); Tim Parker (USA national team member and MLS soccer star), Kyle Pietari (Top 10 national Ultra Marathon winner), Angela Naeth (North American Iron Man national champion), Marcus Hatten (professional and collegiate basketball champion & elite fitness trainer), Peter Schmidt (Top 10 world champion rower), CJ Albertson (elite marathon runner and 50Km world record holder), Amanda Coker (an ultra-cyclist and a multiple world record holder for distance and endurance cycling) and Michelle Carter (Olympic shot put champion and USA record holder).


About FitBiomics

FitBiomics is a biotechnology company that is focused on enhancing human health & wellness by decoding the microbiome of the most fit people in the world, then translating that biological information into next-generation nutrition. The company’s first product is Nella, a daily probiotic supplement designed to support better digestion & gut health. For more information on FitBiomics and Nella, please visit


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